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Garmin: Let Helm Help You Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Have you heard about Garmin Helm? Helm is a free mobile application that allows boaters to view and control their compatible chartplotters from the convenience of their mobile device. With full access to all multi-function menus, screens and features, Garmin Helm provides the ability to monitor and control the navigational systems while away from the helm.

Garmin Helm boasts the user-friendliness and simplicity that users have come to expect from Garmin marine devices and applications. With Garmin Helm, the user can choose which chartplotter to interact with from a list of screenshot thumbnails. After selecting the desired screen, the user gains control of the chartplotter by interacting with the mobile device’s screen. This ability allows the user to easily change which multi-function display to view and control, providing the same integral information that’s available at the helm.

Garmin Helm can support up to five mobile devices at once.

Helm is compatible with any Garmin units that have built-in Wi-Fi or the GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series when used with a Marine Wi-Fi Adapter.

If your chartplotter has built-in Wi-Fi, follow these steps for setting up your unit with Garmin Helm:

  • Make sure your software is updated
  • From Home, select Settings
  • Select Communications
  • Select Wi-Fi Network
  • Toggle Wi-Fi to On
  • Press OK
  • Enter a network name (SSID)
  • Select Done
  • Enter a Network Password
  • Select Done
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network you made on your tablet or phone.

If your chartplotter requires the Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit (available through Canyon Club's Offshore Electronics), you must follow the instructions in the Wi-Fi adapter’s manual to establish the wireless connection with your phone or tablet.

Download Garmin Helm now on the App Store, or Google Play.



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