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What's New in Outfitting Tuesday, December 01, 2015

By now, most of us have heard the Seakeeper promise of an almost roll-free boating experience; maybe some of us have even ex-perienced the gyro stabilized difference for ourselves. However, up until now the gyro-experience was limited to those vessels in the 50-65’ range since they were large enough to accommodate the size and weight of a Seakeeper 9. All that has changed.

Seakeeper has a new gyro. It’s the 3DC and its perfect for boats in the 30-40’ range. Center consoles, dual consoles, inboard, outboard, sterndrive, it doesn’t matter. What makes this new Seakeeper model truly exciting is the fact that it is DC powered, and since it runs off of a battery, a generator is no longer a requirement. And it doesn’t require a lot of juice. Depending on the sea state, the 3DC only uses 500-1000 watts of power, or about half that of a common hair dryer. Perhaps best of all, the price of the new 3DC makes it attainable to a broad range of boaters.

The small size of the 3DC means that it fits almost anywhere. It can be in-stalled off centerline, below deck, above deck – really anywhere there is access to a structural member of the vessel. Weighing in at less than 800 pounds the 3DC can be refit into almost every boat within its size range and since it is completely self-contained there’s no requirement for “thru-hull” components.

Like its bigger brothers, the Seakeeper 3DC offers all the safety and comfort of gyro stabilization to owners of this exceptionally popular boat size, all while eliminating the need for a generator. Best of all, it comes in with lower off-the-shelf and installation costs. Best of all, the Service Center at Canyon Club can handle the entire job from start to fin-ish.

SureShade is one of those products that makes us think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Simple in concept, the Sureshade sys-tem is based on a patented, engineered telescoping framework that allows it to be easily extended and retracted, either electrically or manually. The system eliminates cumbersome canvas handling and allows for unobstructed shade and freedom of move-ment.

Invented by boaters for boaters, SureShade has set a new standard for shade on boats of all sizes and types. Thanks to its ability to provide increased shade without compromising a boat’s fish-ability, the system is being installed by leading center console and offshore fishing boat manufacturers. Increasingly, the SureShade system can be seen on sport boats, cabin and express cruisers, down-east style trawlers, motor yachts, multi-hull power boats, and pontoon boats. Even government and commercial vessels, dive boats and charter fishing boats are opting for the Sureshade for those applications when overhead shade protection, without inhibiting frame-work, is desired.

If you want to get out of the sun in an unobtrusive way, consider coming over to the Shady Side of Boating. Stop into the Service Center and inspect a working model of the SureShade.

When FURUNO came out with its cutting edge NAVNET Touch Screen, we thought that the state of the art in marine electronics had been defined. No surprise, FURUNO has now gone a step further and fine-tuned an already excellent system by adding features and refining the controls It’s called the NAVNET TZ Touch 2 and it’s the latest and greatest!. Best of all, it’s available at Offshore Electronics… see Brent.



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