Parker 2320 gets new fuel tank

    Parker 2320 gets new fuel tank

    Parker 2320 gets new fuel tank 1080 810 Canyon Club Resort Marina

    12/3/18 update: Last photo posted of a job well done! 

    The old foam bedding which was typical installation can cause eventual problems. It deteriorates leading to potential leaks in the fuel system.

    Canyon Club’s Service Department is ready to handle such eventualities. Watch the progress as this 23 Parker gets a retrofit with a new, custom tank and bedding. The first step is cutting out the deck above the existing tank, and removing the foam and tank. Notice how the edges of the deck are sealed, ensuring a water-tight seal at re-installation. Tim gets everything ready for the new tank as Glenn designs the new custom tank.

    Now that the tank has arrived, Tim and Glenn drop it into place onto its new rubber supports. Tim locks it down and starts the process of reinstalling the deck.

    12/3: All done and ready for the customer.

    11/29: Sanding off the old anti-skid.

    11/27: Tim starts the final finish work. Before long it will look brand-new.