New 2017, 36 Yellowfin arrives for outfitting.

    New 2017, 36 Yellowfin arrives for outfitting.

    New 2017, 36 Yellowfin arrives for outfitting. 1080 810 Canyon Club Resort Marina

    1/31/19 update: Electronics reinstalled –

    Canyon Club Service is ready to roll outfitting this new 36 Yellowfin. Brent and the owner worked from a blank canvas to help develop a package that would give her what she needed. Not just a Bay runner, the Yellowfin will spend time travelling from NJ to the Bahamas and needs to be outfitted accordingly.

    When complete she’ll feature Garmin 7612 Series displays, Garmin AIS, Garmin autopilot and a Garmin Fantom 50W radar; along with 1kW CHIRP transducers, 2 ICOM VHF radios, and a 3-zone Fusion stereo system. To top things off she’ll get a Viking life raft, and custom bottom paint with boot stripe.

    Offshore Electronics started their end of the outfitting on Monday, 1/21 and Dave is moving along nicely. He uses templates to lay out the rough placements and gets a nod from Brent before making the cutouts. In the meantime Tim fills in the cutout from the original Yamaha engine display which will get relocated. Dave installs the radar on the hard top, and the Fusion stereo underneath… then he starts running the internal wiring in the hard top and behind the helm.

    1/31: Dave installs the gaskets and re-installs the electronics in place. He begins the wiring from the back. This is where he really shows his skills. Dave’s wiring is always neat and tidy. (Last 2 photos.)

    1/30: Dave test fit the helm electronics to make sure the final installations will go smoothly. Then the electronics get pulled back out and the template tape removed prior to the electronics being mounted and the wiring run. (4 photos.)