Here there be monsters!

While you’re enjoying your stay at Canyon Club, don’t forget to take advantage of the world-class fishing that is available right at our doorstep.  Our offshore season starts early with the annual spring mackerel run, which is followed quickly by yellowfin, longfin and bigeye tuna. As the season gets rolling offshore anglers can get multiple daily shots at white and blue marlin along with Mahi-mahi, wahoo and tuna. The offshore action lasts right through September and even into October as the tuna begin migrating back south… so don’t put those boats away too early. For inshore enthusiasts there is the annual spring and fall run of 40+ pound stripers in the Delaware Bay and “the rips”. Also, all summer long on the inshore reefs and lumps there is an abundance of flounder, sea bass and bluefish there for the catching. No matter what season you’re here, there is always something to catch… just stop by the dockmasters office for the latest fishing reports of what is being caught and where to find them.

If competition and cash prizes are your style, check out the South Jersey Tournaments events.